Our center is where we define ourselves by saying “yes.” It is made up of the things to which we say yes most with the fullest, deepest commitment, the areas where our yes defines who we are.

When we can remember our centers, we have the ability to make choices based on what is most important to us, rather than what is in front of us most clamorously demanding our attention. These choices nourish and sustain us, and each time we make one, it makes the next such choice easier, even when it involves resisting others’ expectations or our own sense of obligation.

Of course, it’s easy for me to get off of my center, to be tugged this way and that by competing demands from my boss, my beloved friends, my beeping gadgets, or my suddenly-growling belly. But our centers exist even without our attention, holding our deepest connections to ourselves, our most passionate yes-es, patiently waiting for us to turn to them, and in doing so, to ourselves.

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