What do you want?

It’s easy for this to be a big question, isn’t it? What do I want from my life? Who do I want to be? Even thinking about these questions can feel overwhelming or exhausting. So let me suggest that we start a little smaller: what do you want right now?

Is it a nap? Ice cream? A vacation? A walk? And what is that tiny desire pointing towards?

For me, my tiny desires often show me what’s standing in my way and keeping me from connecting deeply and easily with my big desires. For months on end over the winter, all I wanted was a nap. I was tired, and I felt awful, not least because I was too tired to do anything to make myself feel better. Yuck.

Of course, the need to nap was a lead-in to remembering that I need rest, but until I had several weeks of solid sleep behind me, I couldn’t even figure this out, let alone notice that it was an invitation to reconnect with my spiritual practice, my creative work, and my body.

So I invite you to listen to one tiny desire today. What is it that your body is trying to show you how to attain when it’s asking for a treat or a rest or some movement? Find out.

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