Where are your edges?

Some edges are part of the human experience: the tightrope between hope and foolishness, the balance between self-sufficiency and interdependence, the knife’s edge between will and surrender.

Some seem easy and are not — where are the edges of my body? — and some can feel very difficult to identify — where are the limits of my tolerance? what is the final depth of my fear?

Some move quickly — try taking a deep breath — and others move slowly — I can’t — and some seem not to move at all.

Beyond our edges are the things that aren’t us, the things to which we say no: I cannot do that, I will not be that, I do not desire that. One step back from that edge is an area that is sometimes inhabited by aspects of ourselves we’re not fully comfortable with. Is your anger here? Your pain? The times and ways you are willing to hurt others?

It takes courage to examine our edges, but like most difficult things, it also offers opportunity: it is only by becoming intimate with what we cannot do that we can fully recognize what we can.

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