The gist of the Reverb 10 prompt for today is that the ways we’re different make us beautiful.

This is actually part of my theology in only the mildest of ways, though: I believe that everyone has a unique combination of skills, talents, gifts, and desires that combine to form their life’s work. But the building blocks of that work — like the building blocks of our pain and the places we get stuck — are much the same for many of us.

Many of the ways in which I feel different from most other people are more about privilege than anything else: I had two highly educated parents, an outstanding education, a comfortable life in the suburbs, a wealth of opportunities. The ways that are personal — my rejection of the story that a nice house, a good job, and 2.5 kids are the epitome of success, for example, or my desire to tread more lightly on the planet — are areas in which I am joining many who have gone before me and being joined by even more coming from behind.

So in short, of course, we’re all beautifully different. And we’re all the same, and I’m glad for both parts.

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