Five minutes of memories

Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

Knowing that things were finally over in my relationship, for real, for good, and the onrush of creative energy that came in the midst of the grief

Asking my students how they were doing during a weekend workshop; one of them says “I’m having a lot of fun!”

The time a wise friend said to me that she looked to me for wisdom

The tremendous relief I felt when I realized I was going to make it through a particular challenge that had rocked me to my core

Clarity about my own patterns and boundaries

The moment with J when I knew things were going to work out

The ritual at Twilight Covening: “are you important?” “shake off your attachments” “can the mystery be just a mystery?”

Asking a group of talented people to push themselves past their edges and having them step up, willingly, beautifully

My Samhain retreat: cooking, laughing, snuggling, smiles, hot tubs, talking, ritual, ritual, ritual

A weekend on the beach with a little girl, and learning that she was right that there wasn’t really any reason to go further than the bakery and beach down the street

At several different times, carrying out a difficult task with the help of someone who was always already standing behind me by the time I turned to look for them

Seeing the Milky Way

Playing board games and drinking sangria at my family’s cabin in New York state with my sister and friends

Swimming in the St. Lawrence Seaway, which will always be “the river” to me

Staying in the freezing cold ocean in June until we were numb, laughing and riding waves

Driving a particular piece of magic for the first time

The Maypole ritual at Rites of Spring: stepping up; being supported and trusted; coming through a dozen logistical crises together; learning; my own personal rite of passage

Hearing stories of things I’d said and done during rituals I spent in a place so connected that my conscious mind didn’t recall them

Painting the clouds on the ceiling of my upstairs room

What are your most treasured memories of this year?

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