Making things!

The Reverb10 prompt for today is from Gretchen Rubin, whose book and blog I both love! Hooray!

Gretchen asks about the last time we made something, which materials we used, and whether there are things we want to make and need to clear time for.

I think the last several things I’ve made have been made of words: posts here, the writing I’m doing over at 750words, and even holiday cards. I made an altar at the end of October, and started an art project that’s still unfinished earlier that month.

I have a long list of art-projects-in-waiting: I have travel mugs that I want to collage, mirrors to make, and a fantasy around holiday cards with photos I’ve taken. I have about fifteen knitting projects I want to do, and at least as many cooking projects that are so complicated they should totally qualify as art. My poor Etsy store is languishing unloved.

But although all of these things are delightful, the thing I am most focused on making right now is a life I love, and that’s the project that I most need to clear time for.

How about you? What are you crafting these days?

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