One word: 2010 and 2011

I am giving a go to Reverb10, a series of daily writing prompts in December.

Today’s prompt is to choose one word for 2010 and one for 2011.

For 2010, I chose change. This has been a year of big changes, inside and out. I changed houses, ended a major relationship, and have taken on teaching in a whole new way. I have taken on leadership roles I never really expected, had significant changes in my day job, and become an expert at cooking for groups of 30-50 people kind of by accident. I have changed huge pieces of my understanding of myself, too: I am both stronger and more vulnerable than I thought, more attached to some visions of my future and less attached to others, and less sure about a lot of things.

For 2011, I chose integrity. My vision of my work right now centers around being as absolutely trustworthy to myself as I try to be to other people, honoring my own needs and boundaries, and connecting more deeply with myself in order to able to reach out more often, more fully, and more joyfully to those around me and to the world.

How about you? Can you sum up the year that’s going out and your desires for the one that’s coming in?

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