Things I don't need

What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

1. A desk that lives in a box The content of my desk drawers have been sitting in a box on my floor for months and months now. I can unpack the box into the drawers and put away the box, and gain both a more usable desk and fewer things to trip over on my floor.

2. Sleep deprivation I don’t know if I can totally eliminate this, but I’m going to continue to work on my goal of getting in to bed by 9:30 pm on weeknights. When I get enough sleep, everything is better.

3. Baggage from my past This is another one that’s nearly impossible to eliminate completely, but I’m committed through my practice to questioning and changing beliefs and stories built from my past that cause me pain or help me stay stuck.

4. Piles of to-be-handled mail and filing For the filing, I could find another stand-up 12-month file like the one I destroyed. Then I would have a place to put the mail. That would make my mail, my filing, and my desk all better places.

5. Ongoing muscle pain I’ve started having this symptom in the last several months, and it is not awesome. I can try staying away from the foods I know I’m sensitive to for several weeks, set a reminder on my computer to get up and move around, and experiment with how exercise impacts the pain. No pain = awesome.

6. Moving houses My plan right now is not to move until at least spring 2012. I am pretty much ecstatic about this.

7. Cold toes I have them all the time. I could buy at least one more set of slippers, and possibly some more warm socks. I could also deploy the ones I have more frequently. Cold toes are disproportionately uncomfortable for me, so I expect this to be a big win for relatively little hassle.

8. Wet toes Good thing I am getting the best rainboots ever for winter holidays!

9. Drama Another one I’m not sure I can entirely contain, but I can work on it by trying to take a pause when things seem rough, listening, practicing NVC, and taking responsibility for my stuff as best I can! Drama takes my focus away from doing my things, and I love doing my things, so having less will make me happy two ways: not having drama and having time to do my thing.

10. Sugary breakfasts I don’t enjoy In general, my day goes much better if I have some protein for breakfast. That said, some days a scone is just the thing I want, and that seems okay to me too. What I could do without is the times when a sweet treat becomes my breakfast because I haven’t figured out something better to eat. I can stock my freezer with backup options, and make my own smoothies or yogurts or breakfast quesadillas as often as possible so that I always have options, and then I will have fewer days where my energy levels fluctuate wildly.

11. Lost keys I could put my keys on my key hook all the time, and then I wouldn’t have to wonder where they are. It would be an excellent habit that would save me worry!

How about you? What would you like to banish for the coming year?

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  • Thoughts on things I have in common with you.

    2. What is keeping you from getting enough sleep? I am up until around midnight during the week and out of bed between 6:30 and 7 to get to work. But, I have at least one morning on the weekend when I can sleep until I am slept out and that works for keeping me on an even keel. My brain/body/natural circadian rhythm isn’t ready for sleep any sooner and fighting that is hopeless for me. I take a magnesium powder supplement at bedtime. It helps me sleep through the night. If I go more than 2 nights missing it, I tend to start waking up around 3 and having a hard time getting back to sleep. This seems to be a symptom of perimenopause.

    4. If price is an issue, check out the nearest Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Money goes to a good cause and, if your store is a good one, you can find really nice needed things there. Location came make a big difference in the shape of the stuff you find there, though. I find it much easier to control clutter if I have a place where things are supposed to be. Then, I can just put them where they go and not have to think about what to do with them.

    7. A friend made me a quilt that I don’t choose to use on my bed. I leave it on my usual chair and wrap my legs and feet in it when I am situated for the evening. It there a blanket/afghan/throw/quilt that you could leave in your favorite spot to keep you wrapped up in warm affection?

    10. I have a plastic, snap-top 4L bin that holds one recipe of my husband-made granola. (Recipe here: I also keep a box of Morningstar Farms Black Bean Burgers from CostCo in my freezer. Those are both good, quick choices for me, made before I am too hungry or in too much of a hurry to make a sensible decision. Perhaps some variation on that can help you?

    11. I found a brass hook in the shape of a monkey that doesn’t match a thing in my house but made me smile every time I looked at it in the store. Since my house is decorated in High Eclectic, it fits. I find it easy to remember to use it because I like the monkey.

    The thing I wish to banish sounds mean, but it is my son. He is 19 and behaves much more like an adult when he isn’t living in my house. He is threatening to come home after his stint in AmeriCorp is over and go to school while living with me. I would rather assist the adult than deal with the adolescent

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