Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

One of the wisest and hardest decisions I made this year was to end a long-term relationship with a person I adore. While the relationship had many excellent parts, it also had many challenges. I was, of course, incredibly sad about it for a while, and also, in some ways, relieved. Even while mourning the relationship, my creative energy surged. Coming out of it, I have found my own delight and power and strength in a hundred little ways, even while it has been sad and challenging in another hundred.

For me, this relief — the feeling of “ahhh” as all the energy previously tied up in trying to fix things flooded back to me — is one of the surest signs that I’m doing the right thing, even when it feels really hard.

How about you? Did you make any hard-but-wise decisions this year? How do you know you’re handling them the right way?

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