Yes we can, the inside edition

We’ve talked a lot about different ways to listen, to try to pick your own wise voice out of the crowd of other things clamoring for our attention.

If the world were a perfectly lovely place, being able to hear that voice would be enough to enable us to move towards it. But in our real, messy, complicated, paradoxical world, this isn’t always the case: often enough, we also need to be able to make change in order to heed that wisdom. And the first step towards making that change is knowing that we can, that we are the ones who make our lives happen.

When this is hard to believe, or when change feels too scary to countenance, one of my favorite things to do is practice. If I can’t stand changing what I eat, I change the order of my morning routine. If I’m paralyzed by the idea of switching jobs, maybe I can put my pants on starting with the other foot. Maybe I can remind myself in subtle, concrete, physical ways that there are things I can change and that doing so is okay.

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