77 Things That Don't Completely Suck

It is that time of year! The one where we play 77 Things That Don’t Completely Suck. Why? Because sometimes everyone telling you to be grateful makes you feel annoyed or uncomfortable, and sometimes we have mixed feelings about holidays for political or social or personal reasons. Also because it’s fun!

Play with me in comments, or by posting your own list somewhere and sharing a link.

My list, in no particular order:
1. Sunshine
2. And fake sunshine in the form of daylight lamps. They make northern winters so much better.
3. Cohousing
4. And the way it smells today
5. My gym
6. Having become the kind of person who can lift really heavy things
7. Bourbon
8. Cheesecake with bourbon in it (I know!)
9. Podcasts
10. Libraries
11. Having a sister who is a rocking librarian
12. Family, blood and chosen
13. The internet!
14. But also, sending things in the mail
15. This page of collective nouns for animals (a shiver of sharks!)
16. Dishwashers, which in my household double as promoters of domestic peace
17. Having art on my walls!
18. Being past the tattered-posters stage of life and on to the framed-art one
19. Wise teachers like Andras and Deirdre
20. And Karina
21. And Moira
22. And for all of my past mentors, many of whom were ostensibly my teachers in some specific subject, but all of whom had an impact far deeper than teaching me how to diagram a sentence or play a musical phrase.
23. Spring
24. Social networking, in all of its varied forms, which allows me to stay in touch with many more people than I could otherwise manage
25. Propane stoves, which can be lit even in the midst of a power outage
26. Kung fu!
27. Candles
28. Material abundance in many forms: plenty of food, clean running water, a beautiful place to live
29. The will and desire that everyone have these things
31. The Occupy movement
32. And all kinds of people striving to do a little bit: my mom volunteering at a food pantry, my friends doing charity races for medical research, my neighbor raising money for a Tibetan orphanage
33. Knitting
34. Board games for grown-ups
35. Very old traditions
36. And creating new ones
37. Reusable grocery bags that fit in my purse
38. The possibility for change
39. Farmer’s markets
40. My iPhone. I love it unreasonably.
41. Bluetooth, which is the magic that makes my podcasts come out my car speakers. I have no idea how it works!
42. Other people’s kids
43. And the extremely goofy, wise, silly, sweet things they say and do pretty much all the time
44. Footie pajamas
45. The little gadget on my car that pays my tolls by magic
46. My new favorite mug, which says “Make yourself proud.” Right on, mug.
47. My great-great grandfather, who was smart enough to buy this land in upstate New York, which I adore
48. Long swirly skirts
49. Really great coffee
50. My orange kittens
51. Snuggles
52. Hot showers
53. Having a room with clouds painted on the ceiling. Clouds!
54. Feeding people, especially when they like being fed just as much
55. Getting as much sleep as I need
56. Mittens
57. That moment when you’re pissed off and then something softens into compassion
58. Kris Delmhorst
59. Taiko drumming
60. Etsy
61. Pyrex. Whoever invented that stuff was really, really smart.
62. Ghiradelli dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt. Mmmmm.
63. Living a life where running into people’s -isms surprises me every time.
64. Young adult novels with plucky female heroes. I am a sucker for that every single time.
65. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
66. Airplanes, which make the world a lot less big in some pretty amazing ways.
67. Duct tape. Highly useful stuff, duct tape. Especially in leopard print.
68. Accepting that I am never going to be a basketball star, ballerina, competitive figure skater, or chemist, and being okay about that.
69. Which I strongly suspect is another way of saying “being okay with who I’m turning out to be.”
70. Rosemary shampoo
71. Making my own laundry detergent
72. My bed. I adore my bed.
73. Amazing friends, near and far, even those I don’t see nearly enough
74. Butter. It is seriously one of my favorite things.
75. The Earth
76. The stars
77. Love

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2 comments to 77 Things That Don’t Completely Suck

  • VickiB

    My Thanksgiving toast and New Year’s Wish every year:
    Heat and Light, Food and Drink, Friends and Family, Meaningful Work and Good Health!

    Things that don’t suck, in no particular order:

    Traveling with my sister and her son and my husband
    Returning home
    Warm clothes and dry socks
    Fresh homemade food
    My cleaning service
    The cleaner brings me goodies every week!
    Snuggling with my husband
    Sparkling wine
    Having the washer and dryer in the kitchen instead of the basement
    Blogs like this one
    Recorded books when we’re traveling
    Cruise control
    My Own Bed!
    Omelets with cheese and spinach!
    Good bread
    (I seem obsessed with food)
    Pink pants
    Photographs and memories
    Being able to read and write!
    Books — lots and lots of books
    Internet access
    Knowing that there are lots more things I could list
    Your explanation for why you/we write this list
    And the assumption that amnesty applies, since I am writing this several weeks after you posted

  • Definitely amnesty! In fact, I owe y’all a post about how much I play this game, because it’s at least once a week most weeks.

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