You know more than you think you do

Whatever you’re stuck on, whatever incomprehensible problem is twisting your knickers in a knot, you probably know what you need to know in order to solve it.

You already have all the tools you need. So when you reach for that new technique, the better teacher, the perfect practice, pause: are you trying to keep yourself from knowing what you know?

If you are like me, you do this all the time. Most of us do! And, in truth, there is nothing wrong with it. There is only so much we can stand to know at a time, only so much clarity that we can enact when we have twenty-four hours in a day and all sorts of things and people we choose to tend. But see if you can notice when you turn away and what you turn to. Then, if it turns out that later, you want to know what you know, you’ll know what to find it hiding behind.

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