77 Things That Don't Completely Suck (2012 edition)

I love this game. We play it because sometimes, feeling grateful seems like too much, especially when everyone is telling you to feel grateful. And also, holidays have all kinds of personal and political complications. So we just think of things that don’t completely suck. Like these! (Feel free to play in comments or elsewhere. Or not!)

1. The sky
2. Libraries
3. Also books!
4. Like BrenĂ© Brown’s beautiful one on vulnerability
5. Or Susan Cain’s ode to the superpowers of introverts
6. Or anything by Anne Lamott
7. Also, superpowers in general!
8. The internet
9. And people who use it for good!
10. Like my new love, Rebelle Society
11. Or Thorn Coyle
12. Or Havi
13. Which reminds me: Shiva Nata
14. And Rally (Rally!)
15. The wall of art I made after Rally (Rally!)
16. Those little keychain LED flashlights
17. Twilight Covening
18. Kittens
19. Bourbon
20. Occupy Sandy
21. And Rolling Jubilee
22. Rumi
23. Hope
24. Flowers
25. Kisses
26. Massage
27. Also, acupuncture. I love acupuncture.
28. In fact, generally having tools to help myself when things do completely suck
29. Resources: physical, material, emotional, mental, spiritual
30. Justice (resources for everyone!)
31. Music
32. Breathing
33. Really comfy shoes
34. Walking! Still awesome, even years after the two-years-of-broken-foot debacle.
35. Living in a place where there are things I can walk to. Many!
36. Compassion
37. Coffee. I adore coffee.
38. These cupcakes
39. Rain
40. Umbrellas!
41. Having a practice.
42. My bed. It is a really great bed.
43. Also sleep. It makes everything better!
44. And hot showers.
45. Community.
46. And the technologies that help me stay connected to them and to far-away friends.
47. Ebook apps for my phone. I have books! In my pocket! At all times.
48. Knitting!
49. Salt
50. Seasons. I love living in a part of the world that has them.
51. Hoodies. I wear them a ridiculous number of days. I even have grown-up ones that are sweaters!
52. Librarians
53. And my sister who is one!
54. Ancestors
55. And the amazing things they have given me in all sorts of ways.
56. Permission
57. Really great pens
58. Refrigeration. Seriously, it makes a lot of things more awesome.
59. Peacocks
60. Beauty
61. Boston and environs. It is where I am from, and so gorgeous.
62. Rivers
63. Teachers: formal, informal, accidental, and all the rest
64. Change
65. Writing!
66. Prime numbers (of which this is not one)
67. The President
68. Swishy skirts
69. Ginger
70. Having an interfaith friend!
71. Pride
72. Power
73. Mystery
74. The earth
75. You
76. Being part of this huge, beautiful universe together
77. Love

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