The important stuff

I totally want to save the world. And I think I can. And I also think you can, which seems pretty sweet to me.

My plan is pretty simple: we start by connecting with ourselves — hearing our own voices, knowing our own beauty and our own pain – and liking ourselves regardless of the hard parts. Once we can do that, then we can connect with each other and with the world. I have a feeling that could help a lot of things.

This blog is a story. It’s a story about another way to think about ourselves and the world. This way isn’t about fear and guilt and pushing ourselves; it’s about dreaming up other ways to make change and create the lives we want — those lives that, I’m pretty sure, are the ones that will save the world.

Want to try it? Come on in.

The nitty-gritty stuff

I’m Sarah Twichell, and if there were a single decent picture of me on the internet, it would be here.

You can find me on Twitter — I’m @edgetocenter — and you can send me email.

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