77 Things That Don't Completely Suck, 2014 edition

It’s hard to know how to drink in both of these things at once: terrible pain, suffering, and injustice, and also amazing beauty, kindness, solidarity.  It’s too much.

I only know one way, and that’s to crack my own heart wider and wider open.  So let’s do [...]

What's real?

In working with challenging beliefs or patterns, I’ve found it very helpful to separate two parts of my experience.
One part is things that are uncontroversially true. This means the things that everyone can agree on: she closed the door. He said “thank you for the cake.” Because I have no sense of [...]


One of my 2013 intentions is to stop hurrying.

I am a high-spirited, energetic person a lot of the time, and I’m not looking to change that, but when I hurry, I feel anxious and worry that I’m behind. I fret about forgetting things and flit between tasks. I get caught up in [...]

Auto Draft

If you have been reading here for a while, you have probably noticed that I have some semi-heretical ideas about gratitude. (I’m guessing it was 77 Things That Don’t Completely Suck that tipped you off.) The difficulty with gratitude is that everyone knows it is good for you, and so it’s super-duper easy [...]

Tar babies

You know that Anansi story with the tar baby? In revenge for some prank, one of Anansi’s enemies — I think it’s a farmer here — makes a tar baby. Anansi speaks to it, and when it won’t answer, he slaps it, getting one hand stuck. He slaps it with the other [...]

My word

I don’t especially love the idea of goals, but as during a solstice ritual this year, an intention for the coming year came to me. It’s not necessarily the kind of word I would have picked, and I can already see how it will challenge me, but it’s also feeling exciting and possibility-full, and [...]


Hunger is a funny thing. I’ve had the chance this winter to experience this in a lot of ways.

In a literal sense, I tried cutting out some foods that I was eating a lot of but didn’t think were really nourishing me. This is always challenging: food is central to our [...]


Between the end of the calendar year (with the upcoming resolutions/intentions/theme words) and the cold curtailing outdoor activities in this part of the world, winter is a time when reflection is on the radar more than usual for many of us.

Yet at the same time, it’s a time that’s filled to the brim [...]

Tribbles, promises, and emergency escapes!

Here is a top-secret tribble fact: they want you to keep your promises. It seems like an odd mission for fears and insecurities, but it’s true.

Tribbles are kind of like toddlers: they are little fuzzy balls of feelings and worries and desires! There are things they believe about reasons, but between [...]

Baby steps

I’m pretty sure that most of the things we think would be great for us — you know, more rest, good food, exercise, beauty, stillness and less anxiety, rushing, sadness — would actually be pretty great! And the advice on what would help us get these things is also good: cut out things that [...]