Baby steps

I’m pretty sure that most of the things we think would be great for us — you know, more rest, good food, exercise, beauty, stillness and less anxiety, rushing, sadness — would actually be pretty great! And the advice on what would help us get these things is also good: cut out things that [...]

Tribble secrets!

I am going to tell you a secret about tribbles: they often travel in groups. Or, more precisely, in lines. You think you’ve sorted a tribble out, and then you notice that behind her is her sister.

The way it works is pretty simple: once we’ve given ourselves a reason for resisting [...]


For Sean

My friend Sue says that you have to learn something three times: once with your head, once with your heart, and once with your gut.

One of the things it took me at least that many tries to learn about myself is dead simple: I am strong. I didn’t believe that when [...]

Fear as an ally

Credit for this one should go to Mark from Heart of Business and his defense of fear on

Push and pull

This post owes its existence to the super-smart Jen Hoffman from Inspired Home Office, who asked on Twitter about negative self-talk and alternative ways to inspire action, which got me thinking. Thanks, Jen!

One of the things my middle school history class studied was immigration. And pretty much the only thing from that class [...]


Right now, there is a kitten on my desk. She is sleeping sprawled between my keyboard and my monitor, and I’m pretty envious, because I have the donwannas. You know those, right? When you think okay, I really ought to get up and and then you think but I donwanna!

Here, [...]

Three things to do with fear

Find its core. This can be useful with fears of all types: it took me most of my life, for example, to learn that I wasn’t afraid of heights, but of falling. But it’s especially potent when your fear is about something more nebulous and emotional, where a specific fear can be a front for [...]

What's your motivation?

Here’s a fear I think most of us share: that we only change because we feel bad. Maybe even that the only things powerful enough to motivate us through the challenges of change are pain, fear, and suffering.

This puts us in quite a bind. Our desire to change is about wanting to be [...]