Yes we can, the inside edition

We’ve talked a lot about different ways to listen, to try to pick your own wise voice out of the crowd of other things clamoring for our attention.

If the world were a perfectly lovely place, being able to hear that voice would be enough to enable us to move towards it. But [...]

Ways to listen: writing

I’ve said here before that listening is the core of my practice. I’ve also talked about a few of the hard things that can get in the way of our ability to listen. (There are plenty of others: not getting enough sleep or having enough time, challenging pieces of our past experience, and [...]


Part of you is already wise. It doesn’t matter whether you think of this as your heart or your soul or your divinity or connectedness, or even whether you see it as being part of you, although I think that it is.

The important part is that you have access to it. [...]